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27 Reasons Labradors Are The Best Creatures In The Galaxy

Nothin' better. For real.

1. They're the cutest little nappers to ever exist.

2. And there's really nothing more adorable than a Lab puppy...

3. ...except maybe a senior Lab.

4. They have the best senses of humor.

5. But they're always ready to work hard!

6. They have a begging face that really NO ONE can resist.

7. They're very patient.

8. And they'll listen to you whenever you need an ear.

9. They LOVE making new friends.

10. And they'll do pretty much anything to make you smile.

11. They're always there to support you, no matter what.

12. And they never mind lending a paw to help out with chores.

13. They've got the sweetest puppy dog eyes.

14. And they're always eager to learn new things.

15. They're very successful entrepreneurs.

16. But they ALSO know the importance of playtime.

17. They somehow manage to make pouty faces look cute.

18. They're always ready for action.

19. And their one goal in life is to be the best friend you've ever had.

20. They're always down to try out new things.

21. And they understand that it's important to stop and appreciate the little parts of life.

22. They never let a little bump in the road get in the way of living their best life.

23. And they'll make sacrifices for their friends.

24. They're the first ones to welcome a new family member into the home.

25. They have the CUTEST paws.

26. And the most KISSABLE faces.

27. Most of all, they just really want to brighten your day — and that's what they're best at.

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