18 Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy This Summer

Stay safe!

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5. Be aware of the warning signs of overheating.


Symptoms include an increased heart rate, physical weakness, excessive panting, and drooling. Extreme cases can even include collapse, seizures, vomit and bloody diarrhea.

8. If it's safe, trim that extra hair — but no shaving!


If your vet says it's okay to give your pup a bit of a haircut, then go for it! But don't take off too much, your dog's coat is layered to protect him from the sun.

15. Don't leave your dog outside alone for prolonged periods of time.

Brian Brown

Your pup can overheat quickly and it's important for you to keep an eye on him so he stays happy and healthy even on the warmest of days!

16. Your pets need sunblock too!

Kaelin Tully

Sunburn can affect your pets, too! Dogs with pink skin and white hair are especially susceptible to sunburn, so make sure you have a pet-safe sunblock and don't let your spend spend too much time catchin' rays.

17. Know your pet's fitness limitations and don't push him.

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If your pet isn't super fit, don't push him on especially hot days. "Avoid strenuous exercise" altogether in extremely humid or hot weather.