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    21 Incredibly Adorable Animals With Their Best Friends

    Because animals are the best kind of friends.

    1. This Golden Retriever and his kissable cow buddy.

    2. This friendly little kitty who has her very own guinea pig crew.

    3. And this kitty with her absolute favorite goat in the entire world.

    4. This playful baby elephant who's having the most fun with her best bud.

    5. These snuggly huggers who never leave each other's side.

    6. And these inseparable buddies who understand the importance of a good hug.

    7. This dog who is taking very good care of her very own baby opossum.

    8. And this kitty with her best hedgehog buddy.

    9. These two pals who do absolutely EVERYTHING together.

    10. And these sweeties who really appreciate a good nap time.

    11. This loyal pup showing his human how much he loves him.

    12. And these two who are executing the perfect eskimo kiss.

    13. These bunk bed buddies who never miss a nap time together.

    14. And these two who are the cutest pals in existence.

    15. This unbeatable Shiba duo who might be up to no good.

    16. And these two who should win EVERY cute award the world has to offer.

    17. This pup who is super protective of her best bunny buddy.

    18. And this playful duo.

    19. These flawless napping buddies.

    Erica Etienne

    20. This crew who cruises everywhere together.

    21. And finally, this lovable pair who prove that the best kind of friends are often the most unlikely.

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