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19 Puppies On Their First Day Of School

School is way cuter when you're a puppy.

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1. "First time riding the bus to school and I've got to say it's AWESOME."

2. "Whoa, those front doors are preeetty big."

3. "I've definitely got the coolest backpack of all the kids."

4. "The other kids might make fun of me for bringing my teddy but I don't care because I love him."

5. "Of course it just HAD to rain on the walk to my very first day of school."

6. "Picture day... My harness doesn't fit yet but I think I still look pretty cute!"

7. "Guys, what is math and why does it make me sooooo sleepy??"

8. "Ummm...puppies don't have to read at this school, right?"

9. "Is it lunchtime yet? Sitting still is no fun."


11. "I think nap time is my favorite part of school."

12. "Does recess mean we can play tug because that's all I really want to do."

13. "Study buddies?? More like CUDDLE BUDDIES."

14. "Ummm...that seems like a lot of homework assignments for the first day."

15. "Who am I gonna sit with at lunchtime??"

16. "Feelin' a little shy on my first day."

17. "So what you're saying is, every class is nap time?"

18. "Kickin' it on the playground swing set like a real boss."

19. "Guys, just wake me up when it's time for recess."

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