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17 Surprisingly Adorable Piles Of Laundry

Who knew they could be so cuddly??

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1. This slumbering pile of wrinkles.

2. This pile of laundry who, for some reason, wants a belly scratch.

3. This laundry who proudly produced teenier, wrinklier laundry.

4. This laundry who is being snuggled by a woman for unknown reasons.

5. This napping bunch of wrinkles.

6. And this group of laundry who went for a cruise.

7. This tiny piece of laundry who enjoys being tickled.

8. This pile who is strangely curious.

9. This self-sufficient laundry.

10. And this big pile next to a much teenier pile.

11. This laundry who just made a new horse friend.

12. And this laundry who was adventuring around in the snow.

13. This tiny piece who has the most irresistible puppy dog eyes.

14. And this little bit of laundry who has excellent posture despite being so wrinkled.

15. This laundry who is taking up the whole bed.

16. This extremely tired pile of laundry.

17. And finally, this laundry wearing more laundry.

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