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    Updated on Aug 24, 2020. Posted on Dec 27, 2014

    This Week's Top 10 Champions Of Extreme Cuteness

    The submissions from this week's Cute or Not contest were the definite champions of cute. Don't forget to submit your own pet and vote!

    10. Kritter, the festive hedgehog who makes Santa hats look cuter than ever before.

    Cute factor: Teeny little hedgie teeth that he shows off every time he wants to flash you a smile.

    Favorite activity: Head butting his mom when she wakes him up too early.

    9. Andi, the teeniest little puppy with the most ginormous heart.

    Cute factor: Andi's sheer size is what takes his cuteness to the next level. He's barely bigger than a Christmas bow!

    Favorite activity: Hopping around in the grass like a fluffy little bunny.

    8. Voldemort, the kitty who you actually want to cuddle.

    Cute factor: He rocks a Gryffindor scarf, is there anything cuter than that?!

    Favorite activity: Giving little kitty kisses and showing the world that not ALL Voldemorts are villains.

    7. Moxie, the pup who's so adorable she can get away with nearly anything.

    Cute factor: Those INCREDIBLY CUTE puppy dog eyes.

    Favorite activity: Stealing a little snackie off her mom's plate every night before dinner starts.

    6. Logan, the cutest sunbather in all of existence.

    Cute factor: That kitty belly that NOBODY can resist scratching.

    Favorite activity: Well, getting belly rubs of course.

    5. Dexter, the sweetest dog with the kindest heart.

    Cute factor: He carries this pillow around everywhere so everyone knows how much he loves them.

    Favorite activity: Giving big ginormous hugs full of fluff.

    4. Baby Blue, the eternally surprised kitten.

    Cute factor: Check out those kissable whiskers!

    Favorite activity: Looking surprised all the time, because the world is awesome and full of surprises.

    3. Teddy, the fluffiest little puppy the world has ever seen.

    Cute factor: He's quite possibly the closest living thing to an actual teddy bear.

    Favorite activity: Laying in a pile of stuffed animals so nobody knows which one is actually him.

    2. Axle, the pup who is ALL ABOUT Christmas.

    Cute factor: He has a collection of 47 ugly Christmas sweaters but somehow they ALL look adorable on him!

    Favorite activity: Baking Christmas cookies, of course! Peanut butter is his favorite flavor.

    1. And finally, Snowflake, the cutest Christmas present of 2014.

    Cute factor: Her kissable little nose that she twitches when she's happy!

    Favorite activity: Munching on carrots and making people smile.

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