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    3 Inspiring Therapy Cats Who Are Changing Lives

    Sometimes all you need is a kitty.

    1. Draven is a two-year old rescue cat from Pennsylvania.

    He spends his time visiting hospitals, convalescent centers, schools, and an Assisted Living Center.

    During his visits to hospitals, Draven rides in a pet stroller so he's "at a good level for bed ridden folks."

    Sometimes he'll even jump out of the stroller and snuggle up on a patient's bed!

    Draven also has a special "treat stick" that his new friends can feed him from.

    Facebook: draventhetherapycat

    He's even encouraged people with an injured or weak arm to feed him, despite their ailment.

    In addition to bringing joy to everyone he meets, he travels around to conventions and competitions to help raise awareness for the amazing work that therapy cats do.


    2. Teddy is a one-year old Ragdoll cat who volunteers his time to people in need.

    In his first outing as a therapy cat, Teddy visited Pacific Lutheran University during finals week.

    Teddy's presence helped alleviate stress and brought a smile to many students' faces during the tense week.


    3. Mim is a rescued purebred Exotic Shorthair.

    Mim was picked up by the SPCA after being abandoned outside in her carrier.

    Now, Mim spends her days making visits as a volunteer therapy cat.

    Her adorable bug eyes and sweet demeanor bring happiness to everyone she meets.

    Therapy cats raise spirits and their sweet, quiet dispositions bring cheer to everyone they meet.

    Sometimes all you need is a snuggle from a happy, purring kitty.

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