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19 Things Every Over-Analyzer Can Relate To

You're an EXPERT at dissecting people's posts on social media.

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8. You ALMOST post on social media a lot...because you spend all of your time over-thinking and then deleting your posts.

10. You obsessively plan what you're going to say to someone and then it NEVER comes out how it sounded in your head.

"So I just wanted to tell you how I feel about you because I really really like...the way you eat your Cheetos."


16. There's a small pain in your side? You think of 3000 different things it could be, and they will all kill you.

17. When you talk to a person and you're mentally listing all the ways you're annoying him--even if everything is going really well.

18. Some people call things a "coincidence." You call these moments meaningful signs from the universe and you must spend hours interpreting all of them.