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19 Things Every Over-Analyzer Can Relate To

You're an EXPERT at dissecting people's posts on social media.

1. Your superpower is being able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound.

2. You lie awake at night reliving scenarios from five years ago and cringing in embarrassment.

3. In fact, the moment you lie in your bed is the dreaded second that you begin over-analyzing EVERYTHING in your life.

4. You dissect every text message you get as if it's some kind of ancient hieroglyphic.

5. Actually, you're an expert at dissecting everything, especially people's posts on social media.

6. The shower is your place to analyze every conversation of the day and think of every possible thing you could've said.

7. You have 99 problems and 94 of them are fictional scenarios you have built up in your mind.

8. You ALMOST post on social media a lot...because you spend all of your time over-thinking and then deleting your posts.

9. You read an email immediately after you send it even though you know it's too late.

10. You obsessively plan what you're going to say to someone and then it NEVER comes out how it sounded in your head.

11. It's impossible for you to believe when someone gives you a compliment because you over-analyze what it could REALLY mean.

12. When you call someone and they don't answer so you imagine every possible scenario in which they could have died.

13. Your biggest time waster is figuring out what the meaning behind every action is...because every action clearly has to have meaning behind it.

14. And all of your problems are amplified by 1000 when you have a crush on someone.

15. When somebody asks you what you want to eat and it takes you three hours to decide because you're weighing the pros and cons of every option.

16. There's a small pain in your side? You think of 3000 different things it could be, and they will all kill you.

17. When you talk to a person and you're mentally listing all the ways you're annoying him--even if everything is going really well.

18. Some people call things a "coincidence." You call these moments meaningful signs from the universe and you must spend hours interpreting all of them.

19. So maybe you're a little extra thoughtful, but keep doing you because that's SUPER CUTE!