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18 Things Every Awkward High Schooler Understands

Shout out to the awkward kids. We feel you.

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1. You're EXCELLENT at stalking your crush...

2. ...but not so great when it comes to actually talking to him.

3. When your class is reading aloud paragraph by paragraph and you skip to yours so you can practice in your head.

4. When you have a presentation in front of the class and you're freaking out the entire time...

5. ...but then it gets pushed to the next day because everyone took too long.


6. You always wear your best outfit on the one day that your crush is absent.

7. You absolutely dread walking in late to class because everyone feels the need to turn and look.

8. You're really great at thinking of comebacks...six hours after the actual confrontation.

9. When you start daydreaming about getting your first kiss and you front of your crush.

10. The pain of needing to cough but not wanting to attract attention so you try to hold it in.

11. When a teacher calls on you and you don't know the answer and every. single. person. is staring at you.

12. Everything about gym class is actually horrifying...from the changing to your attempt at sports.

13. You walk into the wrong classroom way more than you should.

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14. You spend most of your conversations feeling like you're annoying whoever you're talking to.

15. Several times a day you start daydreaming in class and then you realize you've been creepily staring at someone the entire time.

16. The feeling of horror when the teacher asks you, specifically, to stay after class.

17. But keep doing you, because deep down you know you're charming, spectacular...

18. ...and SUPER cute!

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