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    18 Adorable Reasons Why Pets Are A Kid's Best Friend

    There's no pal that's better than your pet!

    1. A dog is always down for a good snuggle on the couch.

    Photo Credit: russteaches via Compfight cc

    2. Some cats will even come along on your bike ride!

    3. Your secret is always safe with your pup!

    4. When it's time for bed, your kitty is always ready to cuddle up.

    Photo Credit: adwriter via Compfight cc

    5. Dogs are always ready to run around and play, even when mom and dad are exhausted.

    6. A cat is a great partner in crime!

    7. Dogs are always up for an adventure, especially if it's with their favorite human!

    8. Cats are totally happy to sit around and play video games all day.

    9. When you're not feeling well, your dog will stay by your side until you're better.

    10. They'll happily accompany you on your dig for buried treasure.

    11. Dogs never hold back when it comes to showing how much they love you!

    12. Nothing is better than a big puppy hug!

    Photo Credit: billnwmsu via Compfight cc

    13. Okay, maybe puppy snuggles are just a little bit better.

    14. Pets will love you unconditionally...

    15. ...and once they enter your life, they're your best friend no matter what.

    Photo Credit: Wolfhowl via Compfight cc

    16. Pets make great pals when they're giant...

    17. ...or when they're really, really small.

    18. It's a friendship that remains unmatched and lasts for a lifetime.

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