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10 Things Only People Who Breathe Air Understand

ONLY people who breathe air will relate to this.

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10. The small moment of panic after you realize you have been thinking too hard about how you don't have to think about breathing and realize you haven't breathed any air for 10 whole seconds!

Literally so relatable. I hate when I accidentally think too hard about how naturally breathing comes to me, that I forget how to breathe.

9. How impossible it is to breathe air AND apply lipstick at the same time.

Honestly people who don't breathe air have seriously no clue how hard this is.

8. When another person tells you they can hold their breathe for 2 minutes....

Obviously they're not a real air breather... like how is that possible??

7. The feeling when you walk outside, and there is so much air around you to breathe...


6. The awkward moment when something foreign gets into the air you're breathing!!

I HATE THIS. One of the MANY struggles of breathing UNPURE air.

5. How you always want to stay under water, but you quickly realize that there is no air to breathe under water!

Who all has gone swimming and realized this SAME thing?? Literally air breathers, you know the struggle! LMAO

4. You know that hanging out with other people who also breathe air is always the BEST

3. When you hear the carbon monoxide alarm go off...

Yeah, you get out quick! Air breathers only like to breathe air...

2. How difficult it is to run, breathe air & sing at the same time, but still attempting to do it!

If air breathers are good at something... it is multi-tasking!

1. Totally freaking out when you try to think about what you would do without air!!!

NOPE. I Can't, I don't even want to think about. Air breather, you know what I mean!!

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