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    12 Reasons Why New Hampshire Is Wicked Awesome

    Brian Williams recently gave a humorous mea culpa after NBC News showed an infographic of the Northeast states and New Hampshire was nowhere to be found ( Below are 12 reasons why New Hampshire is a wonderfully strange state that has earned its place on the map.

    Live Free or Die

    The Old Man in the Mountain

    First Snowmobile

    No Sales or Income Tax

    Home of the First Free Public Library in the U.S.

    First Ski Club in the U.S.

    Home of the First Alarm Clock

    Home of Alan Shepard

    Screw the Spice Girls. Girl Power Started in the Granite State

    First Colony to Declare its Independence From England

    Home of Robert Frost

    And If Nothing Else, New Hampshire Is Awesome Because It Looks Like This