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    7 Reasons Why Your Dog Is A Better Valentine Than The Average Boyfriend

    Who says your valentine has to be human? Why not try some puppy love?

    Looking for Forever

    I am fun and active. I love the outdoors,especially  taking long walks, but also enjoy quiet times snuggling and cuddling on the couch. I am a good listener, loyal and tend to love completely, I am in search of a true connection, someone to spend the rest of my life with.

    Many of us are looking for that special someone to share Valentine's Day with, but who says our Valentine has to be human. Research shows that pets are able to fill those holes in our hearts and provide us with the unconditional love that everyone deserves.

    Through this extensive research (WebMD, Huffington Post), scientists have found that dogs or pets in general offer…

    Unconditional Love



    Social Interaction

    Great Listener


    All these characteristics are what we look for in a partner, especially for Valentine's Day. Pets do not care who you are or what your faults are, they just want someone to love.

    Once you give your heart to a furry friend your bond will last forever. Not only does a pet benefit you, you are saving their soul. Why not try some puppy love for your Valentine's Day?