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The 10 Best Comic Books You Must Read In 2017

Below are some great exciting which you should be expecting to look forward to, as these are a unique set of collections.

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Each year there is a whole lot of brand new series and comic books being published to cater to the anticipated audience. Today we will be giving you a further exposure about the comics which are yet to release and be on those shelves as soon as possible. Some have already entered and some are yet to come. Below are some great exciting which you should be expecting to look forward to, as these are a unique set of collections.

1. Secret Empire


This unique marvel series is said to be one of the most anticipated comic book, as many comic readers are impatiently looking forward to get it to their hands soon as possible. There is also a suspense question arising over the web as, will it be the answer to the Second World War in 2017?

2. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s DC event


This is another great comic as it has managed to represent the complete team of justice league along with an additional character of Batman being heavily involved too.

3. John Wick


The Chapter 2 of this series is already reaching theatres soon and the demand for this comic book is in the ultimate rise too where it is more towards the life of John Wick other than directly being an adaptation of the films.

4. Geoff Johns’ Watchmen Story


This is a mystery book said by the author himself making people more eager to get to their hands. Some say the book is designed to establish the rebirth of DC. But it is best to read the book and then decide a comment about it.

5. America


The relaunch of this book is in the verge of a full swing already bringing that excitement over comic readers across the world. It is said to release by the year 2017 which is going to be the most talked about comic. This comic will also attract a unique and new set of audience as a feminine marvel appears to be the heroic character.

7. DC Rebirth Wave 2


We are yet said to be unsure about the plans of DC releasing a very formal type “wave 2” like something which was done for “new 52”. So it is said to be fingers crossed and wait to see what the book is all about.

8. X-O Manowar Relaunch


It is the relaunch of superhero universe which was released 5 years ago. There are big plans of viliant for Aric and Dacia. Seems like this comic will hit the top as soon as possible by ratings flying up the ladder.

9. New Tom King Comics


It is one of the brand new talents to enter the field of comic books. Seems like King has had some major plans to breakout for the year 2017. He recently had an interview on word balloon and king stated that it is more to a spiritual sort of vision which could be seen in this book.

10. ResurrXion


As marvel heroes indeed needed a brand new head start, which is what Resurrxion has promised to produce. It is said to give a slight shake up to X-men and in human’s line of the aftermath of ivx. More and more back to back series are to come from this series keeping the audience keen and excited to know what’s next. So having said that, these comic book fans are indeed going to have some great excitement with all the exciting comic books which are up for launch this year.

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