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15 Mouthwatering Japanese Dishes Everyone Should Try

A guide to popular Japanese dishes

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Food keeps people going. Countries and cultures all over the world have different types of food and related food habits which is unique to them. Japan is a country with great diversity when it comes to food. It should be noted that Japanese have a strong sea food culture because of the close link that they have with fishing and the sea. They have much more variety than the traditional sushi and ramen.

Their variety extends from regional to seasonal dishes which contains some mouthwatering flavors which could only be found it Japan. Japanese people tend to live long compared to people from other nations. You find the healthiest and the oldest people in Japan. The significant reason behind their good health condition is their healthy and light food pattern. This particular factor highlights the necessity to check out the mouthwatering dishes from japan. Mentioned below is a list of 15 mouthwatering Japanese dishes mentioned with a brief description.

1. Tonkatsu


This is delicious cutlet made using the finest pork. It is usually served with sweet brown sauce to give that Japanese flavor. This meal is considered to be pretty heavy and rich. It would be ideal for the dinner. They usually serve some salad of shredded cabbage along with this dish.

2. Oyakodon


This too is a mouthwatering dish which could only be found in Japan. Oyakodon in English stands for the “parent and the child donburi”. This dish is being made using chicken, well sliced onion and eggs. The ingredients will be mixed with a soy base sauce to get a wonderful output in the form of an omelet. It is being served along with a portion of steamed rice.

3. Takoyaki


This is a very famous and unique Japanese snack. This is made using the finest octopus sourced through the Japanese seas. The piece of octopus is being fried with an essence of wheat flour batter. The topping features expensive bonito flakes, green seaweed, a bit of mayonnaise and a sauce which contains a thick salt flavor.

4. Sukiyaki


Sukiyaki has been a favorite urban dish of the Japanese over the past few centuries. It is served in an attractive pot with sizzling fillings. The dish contains thinly sliced beef meat, a salad and noodles or rice as per the preference of the person who eats. It is mostly served with noodles slimmer in a juicy little sweet broth.

5. Shabu Shabu


Though it sounds funny it is gives a great flavor. This contains an added savory flavor compared to the sukiyaki we previously discussed. This is a pretty simple dish to be cooked. It features a set of assorted meats along with some vegetables which is being cooked in a boiling broth.

6. Tamago Kake Gohan


This is more of a breakfast meal. It is really light and healthy. This meal could provide a kick start to your day as you consume it as the breakfast. The traditional Japanese style raw eggs are being used to prepare this dish. The raw egg is served along with a steaming bowl of fresh rice and a bit of soy sauce.

7. Tatsuta-age


This is a portion of fried chicken made to display the great Japanese food culture. The carefully chopped chicken thigh is being marinated with soy sauce and fine ginger marinade for a better flavor. Afterwards the marinated chicken will be dipped into potato starch prior to deep frying it. The Japanese housewives have mastered the art of preparing Tatsuta-age.

8. Miso Soup


How can we not talk about soup when the Japanese have a wide range of soups to offer? Miso soup is great mix of miso paste, green seaweed, diced tofu, and the finest scallions. It is mainly being used as a starter meal prior to having the main meal at night.

9. Omurice


This is actually a very attractive and a healthy Japanese meal. A fluffy omelet is being wrapped around with some fine tangy rice. The toppings features ketchup when served within the Japanese cities, but the western people use demi-glace or white sauce as the topping for this dish. It is ideal to be served with a sizzling hot pan.

10. Udon


This yet again is a very popular dish within the Japanese culture. It features a portion of thick wheat flour noodles which is served cool in the summer and sizzling hot during the cold winter. Kakeudon is the simplest form of udon which provides a flavor of soy sauce, mirin broth and a little bit of dashi.

11. Mochi


Mochi is an attractive little rice cake which could only be found in Japan. It is made with the finest short grain glutinous rice obtained through domestic farms. The sphere shaped cakes takes the shape of an egg. It is ideal to be served with a sticky or a chewy paste.

12. Ramen


Japanese know thousands of dishes related to noodles. Ramen is a dish of curly noodles which is being served along with a chicken or pork broth which may vary upon the preference of the eater. We could add a little bit of slice scallions, pork or a soft boiled egg as the topping for this soggy noodle.

13. Korokke


These are a set of croquettes made according to the Japanese style. These little croquettes are being rolled along with some panko breadcrumbs and a little bit of Worcestershire-based sauce as the topping. This dish is only to be found in Japan. The stuffing for these croquettes is made suing crab meat and gently mashed potato.

14. Ikayaki


This is a seasonal dish which is being served during different festivals in Japan. This dish is in the form of a baked or grilled squid which is to be found within gastro pubs. They use a little bit of soy sauce to brush the surface of this squid and then it is being sliced into small rings.

15. Yakiniku


Yakiniku is Japanese name for grilled meat. This is the choice of the bachelors and the younger generation within Japan. It goes well along with a glass of champagne or vine. It is being grilled using a set of sliced meat along with some vegetables on a standard metal griddle.

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