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10 Funny Coffee Mugs Perfect For Christmas

Here is a list of 10 funny Christmas mugs, which you can buy for your loved ones during the upcoming Christmas season.

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Christmas is around the corner and it is the high time for us to start getting ready for the season. During the Christmas preparations, you pay special attention towards getting gifts for your loved ones. When it comes to Christmas gifts, you are provided with a variety of options to consider about. Out of those options, Christmas mugs have received much attention. Here is a list of 10 funny Christmas mugs, which you can buy for your loved ones during the upcoming Christmas season.

1. I Flunked Anger Management


This mug is full of irony. It seems like the mug has been hold by a person who had some serious issues with anger management. But funnily, the wordings of the mug represent “I flunked anger management”. It seems like the wrong person had got hold of this mug.

2. We Recycle


Can you remember the recycle bin where you threw your unwanted papers in the morning? This mug looks exactly like that recycle bin. It is even painted in the unique blue color, which you can see in the recycle bins. You can even see a pair of small wheels at the bottom of this mug. Hence, it looks similar to a real world recycle bin.

3. Complaint Department: Please Take a Number


When you go to the police station to lodge a complaint, you will have to visit the complaint department. But before that, you will be asked to take a number. This mug has those wordings that you can see at a police station. However, the mug looks like a small hand grenade.

4. Do-nut


This Christmas mug is ideal to be given to a person who loves to eat do-nuts. It is a colorful donut, with a hole in the middle. Hence, you would realize that the design of the mug is not the best fit. However, this funny mug is good for a change and any person who is fallen in love with do-nuts would appreciate what is offered by this mug.

5. Pokémon Ball


If you have ever watched Pokémon, you know about the power ball that is thrown by the characters. This coffee mug has specifically been designed in order to look that kind of a power ball. Hence, it would be a funny Christmas gift available to be given for a person who has fallen in love with Pokémon.

6. How Can I Help You?


When you are having a cup of coffee, you expect to have a time of your own. In other words, you don’t wish to get disturbed by another person. That’s where you can take a look at this coffee mug. When the coffee mug is full, you can ask the person who has come to go away. But when the coffee mug is empty, you can start offering help for the person.

7. Basketball Court Mug


This coffee mug is ideal for a basketball player. It looks just like a small scale basketball court. The basketball ring is mounted to the handle of the mug. Surprisingly, the exterior of this mug looks just like a basketball.

8. Keyboard Coffee Mug


At first place, this doesn’t look like a mug at all. If you give this to someone, he would question you what kind of a product this is. The mug is made to look like a key that you can find in your keyboard. You will be able to get a couple of keys that replicate several mugs.

9. Black Ninja Mug


This coffee mug has been designed to look just like a black ninja. You can even find the eyes of a black ninja in this mug. Surprisingly, you can find the sword of ninjas integrated into the mug to enhance the funny look and feel delivered by it.

10. Chemistry Coffee Mug


Have you ever wondered how a caffeine molecule would look like? Well, if you are a chemistry student, you would know about it. But this mug has been designed to let all people know how a caffeine molecule would look like. Hence, it can be considered as a perfect coffee mug available to given to someone during the Christmas season.

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