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The Importance Of A Content Strategy: What Your Brand Needs

Content strategy is important as it directly related to the audience that it targets. The focus of content marketing is shifting from a purely promotional content to more of informative content. You will find that some of the blogs and articles for business promotion do not even have the business name mentioned in it. A couple of important keywords will link the business with the content to make it more reader-friendly.

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The key points to consider while deciding your Content Strategy are:

The Tuff Competition:

Many brands are entering the content marketing race as they have started seeing the benefits of it. The bar is getting set to a higher level each time as a lot of content is getting produced. To stand out in today’s cluttered content marketplace, you need to be producing content that adds serious value.

Multiple Avenues:

There are a lot more avenues for content in 2017 than there used to be. For content marketing, you have Blogs, Article submission sites, Audio, Video, Pictures, Presentations, email marketing, messages, Social media posts and much more! Your content strategy will help you identify the best platforms for your content.

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The Outcome is Important:

There are multiple tools and ways to track performance and outcome of a digital marketing effort. It is not easy to say that you have done your job as a content marketer. The companies are demanding more accountability for marketing initiatives. A content strategy forces you to decide goals and establishing metrics by which to measure them.

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Data Driven Content:

As there are multiple tools providing the keywords, key-phrases and different search parameters, you need to use them in your content. It means you have to be more data driven in using the SEO strategy in your content rather than guessing the keywords. Market research and knowledge of constantly changing trends are important to reflect the same in your keywords and content.

Goal based Content:

A good content strategy will offer to mean to your content and make it fulfill your business goal. The strategy discussions and brainstorming should include what is best for your business and how to include content marketing in achieving the business goals.

The Boost in SEO:

A good content strategy 100% boosts your SEO. With high quality and optimised content produced and shared regularly, your site will be able to improve the search engine ranking. It is a prime reason to have a strong content strategy.

Use of Existing Content:

A way of content marketing strategy can be to use your existing content. If you have already created a lot of content for your website, articles and blogs posts; you can optimise the same with the right keywords and can use it rather than creating new content from scratch.

Quality, Quantity, and Regularity:

Now the content strategy is not going to stop at a few blogs and social media posts. You need to generate a lot of content, in various media and that too with high quality. Looking at your website and blog logs, you can decide days and time to publish your content for maximum results. Regularity is very important, and you are likely to lose the follower base if there are no regular updates to your content. The users will start expecting your new content on specific days or time of the day.


Once you implement a good content strategy, existing content can be re-purposed and edited as per your new strategy. Aligning your content to the right audience with a good message lets you refine your understanding of how the content works as a whole. The business befits get tracked with the known tracking methods. Check here for more Atlanta SEO for Growth

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