15 Things I Only Took Part In For The Food

Some people follow their heart, I tend to follow my stomach.

1. Girl Scouts

I only agreed to wear that stupid sash because of snack time.

2. Carnivals

It’s not like anyone goes for the rides. That fried dough though…

3. Babysitting

A whole pantry to myself?

4. Super Bowl Parties

You keep an eye on the game, I’ll keep an eye on the Buffalo chicken wing dip.

5. High School Clubs

There’ll be pizza at your first meeting? Sure I’ll come (and not come to any more meetings for the rest of the year)!

6. Soccer

Let’s be honest, those orange slices during half-time were my only motivation.

7. Donating Blood

I was promised cookies at the end of this thing.

8. Baseball games

Yay sports! Get me some more Cracker Jacks, would ya?

9. Breakfast with Santa

Can we just skip the jolly bearded guy and get right to the pancakes?

10. Church

Oooh, free alcohol! And round wafer things.

11. Family gatherings

I can deal with the awkward small talk in exchange for lots of mashed potatoes.

12. Doctor’s appointments

If I’m getting this shot, there better be a lollipop waiting for me at the end.

13. Sports banquets

So. Much. Food.

14. Movie theater

It may be expensive, but nothing compares to that theater popcorn.

15. Running events

That giant tent filled with food at the end of every race almost makes all that sweating worth it.

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