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    • k8esilver

      Buzzfeed, stick to ripping off tumblr. This article assumes that those who enjoy monomeals ONLY eat monomeals or ONLY fruit. As for “eating foods together”, many who enjoy a monomeal/day or a few times a week, know plenty about “food pairing”, as in, what foods digest well together and help vitamins and minerals absorb, etc. Monomeals are typically a small part of varied, whole, clean and often vegetarian diets, which, in most cases, prioritize consumption of natural sugars, almost zero added sugars, protein, vegetable-based carbs, healthy fats (nuts, etc.), hydration, not to mention the vitamins and minerals from such a way of living. Monomeals are largely not a fad, but a small portion of a lifestyle contrary to the average American’s. I’m sure your doctor would be okay with you eating a bowl of cherries instead of dropping by the drive-thru again. BTW - non-vegetarian writing this…I just know a few basics that let me know this article is based on photos of monomeals taken out of context and backed up with no real research whatsoever. Ex: “too much sugar in fruit!” v. ADDED SUGARS. Again, your dentist would prefer you eat a bowl of plums and brush your teeth. Beats those M&Ms any day.

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