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What Twitter Bios Say Vs What They Actually Mean

Views my own.

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All tweets my own. RTs =/= endorsements (journalist)

Via Yuri Samilox flickr/ / Jo Barrow

"My opinions are so well thought out and articulated that you might think that they are those of The Telegraph, but fear not, humble reader, I am just a man."

Desperate soon-to-be graduate

Via Jair Alcon flickr / / Jo Barrow

"Please notice / hire me. Find me manual retweeting the headlines with one word responses. Technically, not a freelance journalist." (See also: future PR/ Politics/ Finance etc)

Team Followback

Via flickr the photography muse/ flickr zennia abraham / Jo Barrow

"My declarations of love for popstars regularly receive hundreds more RTs than your 'hilarious' social commentary ever will."


Via flickr phillipe putt / touchstone pictures / Jo Barrow

"This seemingly random, but actually agonisingly curated list of things I like represents the absolute essence of who I am. I don't just like Wes Anderson films. I am Wes Anderson films."

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