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    This Girl Made Her CV Out Of Lego And Put The Rest Of Us To Shame

    One creative woman is making everyone else look terrible in her quest to get the perfect job.

    Reddit user Leah wants a job in advertising


    So, instead of writing out the normal guff about dedication, passion and being both a great team leader and a strong team player, she only went and designed herself as mini lego model in an interview suit.

    Then she created her own packaging


    Her name even looks right in the lego logo!

    She created two sets in the colours of the agencies she was applying to


    Can we take a moment to point out that she's applying to be an INTERN

    One agency asked for a persuasive advert selling herself


    So she created this mini masterpiece, upping her game even further.

    Here's the complete package


    Once again - this is for an INTERNSHIP.

    That's it, the rest of us should just give up

    Thanks Leah!