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7 Images Of Gender Bending Disney Princes That Reveal A Different Kind Of Beauty

Artists have been swapping the perceived genders of the disney princes - and we LOVE it! Who knew Aladdin would rock a ponytail so well?

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We can't get enough of Disney; the company's formed the backdrop of our entire childhoods so much that we feel like they're part of our lives. So it's understandable that people are getting creative with the characters that they've grown up with.

But Disney are guilty of reinforcing some pretty unappealing gender roles in its films, so some smart people at Tumblr have begun to swap the gender of Disney characters.

By restyling their hair slightly, making a nose a bit more narrow or lengthening their eyelashes, it is possible to make even Prince Charming into a more classically feminine beauty.

Yet, with the simplicity of these alterations, the artists make a meaningful point about how fluid gender expression really is.

Prince Naveen rocks a ponytail


The creator said in an interview with Huffington Post that "Female Disney characters tend to have heart shaped faces, big eyes, thin frames... a modern ideal image of beauty for women. After editing, the end result created women with stronger features, and a wider variety of facial/body structures."

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