20 Reasons To Fave A Tweet

Because it’s not just flirting; it’s politics. Ok it’s mostly flirting.

This brilliant BuzzFeed post ranked the 17 Types Of Twitter Fave - but I’d venture a few steps further with my list.

Headings with an asterisk (*) came from the original post (there was bound to be some overlap)! All descriptions are my own.

20. *The Accidental Fave

We’ve all been there.

19. *The “I Will Wait a Few Days and Then Reword This Joke and Pass It Off As My Own” Fave


18. *The Back-Pat Fave

You tweeted something to prove you are a good person, and if I don’t favorite it, everyone will think I’m an asshole.

17. *The “Give Me a Job” Fave

Your friend just tweeted about his awesome new job. This fave is simultaneously supportive and shameless.

16. *The Acknowledgement-of-Praise Fave

You s/o-ed my BuzzFeed post on your Twitter?! I mean, yeah, it was pretty good…

15. *The Acknowledgement-of-Subtweet Fave

I see you seeing me see you subtweet about me.

14. The Twitter Crush Fave

Completely platonic. I agree with everything you tweet and have to actively hold myself back from favoriting every single one of those gems. You are hilarious and my social media soulmate. Let’s hang out on Twitter forever.

13. The Actual Crush Fave

You are a perfect human specimen and my only way to your heart is through your Twitter. Often accompanied by thoughts not unlike: “Maybe if I favorite this one, I can bring it up next time we see each other and then we’ll fall in love!”

12. The “I Want To Jump Your Bones” Fave

Half the time I don’t even know what I’m favoriting, but if you take it as an invitation into my bed, then message received.

11. The “I Exist” Fave

Hello! I exist! I still follow you on Twitter so I read about what you’re doing every day! Here’s a favorite to remind you of this! Maybe throw me one sometime!

10. *The Just-Bookmarking-Something Fave

You posted an interesting article. I like to appear learned. That’s it.

9. The Pity Fave

Your best friend tweeted something weird that she immediately regretted, then proceeded to text you begging for a fave. You’re not a douchebag, so you comply.

8. The Reciprocation Fave

You’ve been favoriting a lot of my tweets lately. Thanks. This is to show my gratitude.

7. *The “This Conversation Is Over” Fave

You just replied to my tweet. The reply was boring and I have no further comments on the matter, but nevertheless, you replied. Here’s a fave.

6. *The “I Spent Five Minutes Trying to Think of a Witty Response and Failed but I Want You to Know I Appreciated This” Fave

I’m also kind of bitter.

This may be the realest of them all. Well done, Tom Phillips.

5. *The Blackmail Fave

Your friend just tweeted something embarrassing and it cannot go without being used against him. You will either screenshot it for later use or retweet it now.

4. The Celebrity Crush Fave

Everybody replies to your beautiful twitpics with obscene pleas for your love. I’m just going to favorite. Because I’m classy like that and maybe you’ll realize this and notice me, unlike those other fools.

3. The Celebrity Friend-Crush Fave

I want to be your best friend. My life’s main purpose is to get you to retweet me, so I reply to the majority of your tweets. However, this tweet I will just fave. To be coy.

2. The “This Tweet Actually Deserves A Fave” Fave

I sincerely enjoy the way you put these words together. Nice job.

1. The “I’ve Had A Lot of Wine” Fave

Speaks for itself.

Bonus: 5 Reasons To Retweet a Tweet

5. I feel the exact same way, so I will retweet this as though it were my own. I will not favorite it. That would be like favoriting my own tweet.

4. You are weird, and I want everyone to know, because either:
(a) I hate you, or
(b) I find you adorable.

3. I want to jump your bones.

2. You tweeted something about Netflix. Who am I to disagree.

1. You are a celebrity and I want people to identify me with you. Or this is important news and I want to seem cultured. Or you are an athlete and I want everyone to think I’m sporty. Or Ellen told me to. That type of thing.

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