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Gifts That Wildcats Are Hoping To Receive This Holiday

The holidays are here! Here are seven gifts that Wildcats would love to receive this year.

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1. More Swipes = More Pizza / Via

We could also use a few extra swipes for Starbucks, Red Mango and that delicious Red Sauce pizza. More swipes, please!

2. Starbucks Gift Card / Via

Starbucks gets Wildcats through all day labs, 7:20am classes, finals, and basically every other day. You cannot go wrong with a Starbucks gift card!

3. No Homework for Break / Via

Possibly the best gift that your professors can give you is a homework-free break.

4. Winter Snow Gear / Via

New England winters are ROUGH and winter gear is essential. Wildcats would love to get a pair of snow boots, mittens or a scarf this holiday.

5. Parking Pass / Via

Parking can add up QUICK, especially on a student budget-- a parking pass would be the perfect present for commuting Wildcats this year.

6. JWU Spirit Gear

Show off that #JWUSpirit and stock up for Wildcat Welcome with JWU gear.

Show off that #JWUSpirit and stock up for Wildcat Welcome with JWU gear.

7. Fancy New Knife Kit / Via

New knifes = jackpot.

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