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8 Dogs Who Are On Board With The Big Lips Trend

They've got that red lip classic thing that you like

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1. This pup who is feeling his look

Dump a Day / Via

2. This little pup who mastered the car selfie

3. This guy who is on board with the grey hair trend

Cato's Droom / Via

4. This pup who knows how to smize

Glamour Mutt / Via

5. This guy who knows they make him even more kissable

Lucky Pet / Via

6. This pup who knows how to accessorize

Moody Pet / Via

7. This pup who knows they bring out the natural red in her hair

Betters Korea / Via

8. And this pup who knows she's rocking it

Web Image / Via

Here's how your dog can pull off the look too.

Moody Pet

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