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31 Thoughts After Watching The Season 6 Trailer For Pretty Little Liars

How many more secrets can there be?

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1. Why are lullabies so creepy!
2. How are Mona's shoes still so clean?
3. Remember when Mona died?
4. How many times can Mona die?
5. Does Mona have 9 lives like a cat?

ABC Family

6. Why are they not leaning against the wall in the rain to protect at least their backs?
7. I wish I had somewhere to wear a fancy dress/ dress up.
8. After all they've been through how do people still creep behind them?!?


11. Why are there like 5 identical yellow tank tops in Aria's closet?
12. Is M Mona?
13. What's written on that newspaper?
14. Oh man, Aria's stare is scary.
15. Why is that camera so big?
16. It's 2015 after all.
17. Why are their creepy dollhouse rooms nicer than mine? Not fair.

ABC Family

18. Do I like Alison better with long hair or short?
19. That's all the food they get!? More Please!
20. Who's Toby pointing the gun at?
21. Toby in a copy uniform. Waddup!

ABC Family

22. How are their outfits still so on point?
23. I would be in sweatpants.
24. Aria's hair is pink again.
25. Glad it's back.
26. I want pink hair.
27. Could I pull off pink hair?

ABC Family

28. How many more secrets can there be?
29. Their hair is so big because it's full of secrets.
30. Charles sucks.
31. Why do we have to wait another month!?!? UGH!

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