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24 Times Marcus Stroman And Aaron Sanchez Had The Best Bromance

StroChez Forever.

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1. When they were two parts of a whole.

Reppin the 416!

2. When they knew that bros who work out together stay together.

From back fields to Fenway Park. And it's only the beginning. @A_Sanch41 #TBT

3. When Stroman didn't just call him his bro, but his brother!

That's why you're my brother. Lol @A_Sanch41 #family

Things are getting serious!

4. When Stroman gave them the bromance name StroChez.

Coolin' at the hotel with my brother @A_Sanch21! Awesome having here. Living the dream! #StroChez

5. When Stroman just wanted to remind him of their love.

6. When Sanchez praised his bro.

7. When they chased their dreams side by side.

8. When Sanchez told the world about them.

9. When they knew the key to a lasting relationship is communication.

FaceTime call with my man @MStrooo7 on my start day!! #Locked

10. When they knew they could still be bros from across the aisle.

Respecting personal space

11. When they were going to take a road trip together and were stoked.

Road trippy to my house in Florida. Time to get to work with my brother @A_Sanch41! #webeenready

12. When Stroman proposed they take their relationship to the next level.

@A_Sanch21 I'm in pop! Let's buy a mansion on the beach in Cali! Lol

13. And Sanchez was totally down.

14. When they were roomies and ecstatic about it.

Sleepovers 4 life

15. When they professed their love just because.

@MStrooo7 Love you too pop!! #StroChez

16. When Stroman just had to hug it out.

17. When they supported each other on the sidelines.

18. When Stroman was nervous for his bro because he cared.

My brother @A_Sanch41 first start today in the big leagues. I guarantee you I'm more nervous than him. Lol love you pop! #STROCHEZ

19. When they wore cowboy hats together and were psyched.

Friendship Goals

20. When they had a bromantic dinner date.

Rooftop patio for an early dinner with my brother @A_Sanch21! #FourOneSix

21. When Stroman showed everyone who his bro is.

22. When they posed together like lifelong bros.

23. When Sanchez proposed they take their bromance to another level.

24. And when Stroman accepted.

#StroChez 😂😂 @MStrooo7 @A_Sanch21

They're perfect.


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