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17 Unique Hair Flips Taylor Swift Has In Her Arsenal

Where can we take a class on this?

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1. The "Whatever" Hair Flip

Big Machine Records

2. The "Seriously Rocking Out" Hair Flip

3. The "Shampoo Commercial" Hair Flip

4. The "Aren't I Adorable?" Hair Flip

5. The "Around the World" Hair Flip

6. The "I Can Still Hair Flip In A Ponytail" Hair Flip

7. The "As If!" Hair Flip

8. The "Get That Bug Off Of Me!" Hair Flip

9. The "Ha, That Was Funny!" Hair Flip


10. The "I Make Crazy Look Good" Hair Flip

Big Machine Records / Via

11. The "This Is So Fun!" Hair Flip

12. The "This Is So Emotional" Hair Flip

13. The "Feeling The Beat" Hair Flip

14. The "Short Hair, Don't Care" Hair Flip

iHeartRadio / Via

15. The "Peak-A-Boo" Hair Flip

16. The "Slow Motion Makes Everything Cooler" Hair Flip

17. And finally, "The Flawless and Fearless" Hair Flip

CBS / Via

Yes, Taylor. Yes, we are. Stay perfect.

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