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Eleven Reflections, One March: Our Voice

"Newton’s first law of motion states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Propelled by the momentum of the women’s march, we will keep moving forward and standing up for what we know is right. Though outside forces will try to stop us, this march is proof that they will not succeed. (Sasha Altschuler, Washington, DC)

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Jackson, MS

Shira Moskowitz

"When I first heard about the Women's March, I was upset that I could not be in DC, but on Saturday I was so happy that I was at home in Jackson, MS... it's where I cast my vote and so our demonstration truly felt like my voice was directly impacting my community. The organizers for the sister march expected a mere 300 people to come out and voice their concern, but instead 2000 people came. I'm inspired to become more deeply involved in a local organization that helps women and other minority groups." (Shira Moskowitz, Jackson, MS)

San Diego, CA

Kelsey Rhodes

"The San Diego Women's March was an inspiring and beautiful collection of women, men, and transgender humans. San Diego, while a very diverse city given its proximity to the US/Mexico border, actually lacks a loud social justice community. It was encouraging to be reminded how many San Diegans truly DO CARE about the threats on women's rights. This includes access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, a cause that I devote my personal and professional time to. I hope that following the march, we're able to turn our energy into real action. We're already seeing countless executive actions violating human rights, specifically women's rights." (Kelsey Rhodes, San Diego, CA)

Ann Arbor, MI

Suzy Weiss

"A lot of the women at the Ann Arbor women's march on Saturday were those who had protested for their rights in the 60s and were continuing the fight today for all of us. I am so grateful for the liberties these women afforded me-- and hope to make them proud as I carry on the torch." (Suzy Weiss, Ann Arbor, MI)

Los Angeles, CA

Caitlin Tamony

"In a city that can feel consumed by appearances, it was beyond inspiring to come together based on shared values... I marched alongside a brilliant young woman from Saudi Arabia, attending on behalf of not just her home countrywomen but all the women she’s never met in this country where she now attends grad school. With nearly 750,000 women, men, and children, I was so joyfully surprised that there was no pushing, no sneering, just careful listening to what was being chanted, and collectively cheering for well-put slogans...As we marched it was impossible not to feel grateful for this community uniting our voices to say never again will we allow for the mistreatment of our health and bodies or let the miscarriage of justice sink our hard-fought freedoms." (Caitlin Tamony, Los Angeles, CA)

Boston, MA

Adam Fisher

"From the moment that I arrived at the Women’s March in Boston, I was amazed not only by the sheer size of the crowd, but by its overwhelmingly positive energy. Nearly 175,000 people assembled in Boston Common to celebrate their differences and voice their opinions, which I found incredibly patriotic." (Adam Fisher, Boston, MA)

San Francisco, CA

Keshet Bashan

"As a recent transplant from straight laced DC, I was keen to see what the birthplace of the hippie anti-war movement would dish out. And boy was I not disappointed! The crowd was as colorful as city hall and despite the pouring rain the march included lots of music, drums, and dancing. I also loved seeing such outpouring of support from the LGBTQ community which came out in force in full drag." (Keshet Bashan, San Francisco, CA)

New York, NY

Ellen Stone

“I'm so happy the women's march raised awareness and brought people together this past weekend. The energy in New York flooded the streets. People were not only all over 5th avenue, but sweeping every side street with signs and positive energy about making a difference. But please don't let Saturday's march be the end of your activism. I hope the community continues to come together to make history in such a peaceful manner to keep the movement going.” (Sami Pakshir, New York, NY)

Denver, CO

Rachael Greenberg

"Attending the Women's March in Denver was the most inspiring movement I have ever been a part of. To stand in my city with over 150,000 other people who all share the same values and vision for our country and humanity was incredibly powerful. It was an overwhelming sense of hope for the future and pride in my city and community for being vocal about the issues that matter." (Rachael Greenberg, Denver, CO)

Washington, DC

Ruth Ferguson

“What an incredible opportunity to stand next to people from all backgrounds to unite in the face of fear and intimidation, to begin to productively organize for change, and to build bridges for the many days of action to come. It was exhilarating to participate in such a historical moment, and I was so, so proud to see my Jewish brothers and sisters at practically every corner.” (Ruth Ferguson, Washington, DC)

Orange County, CA

Jill Weyman

"It just so happened that my fiance Jason and I had an appointment to get our marriage license on the very same day as the Women's March. It made the experience that much more meaningful because of our shared belief that everyone deserves equal access to marriage licenses and happy marriages. It was such a special day to join with thousands in our community in Orange County, CA to advocate for positive social change." (Jill Weyman, Orange County, CA)

Nashville, TN

Rachel Shabad

“We joined the crowd and near the state courthouse were a couple hundred people cheering and screaming... It felt just like DC— everyone seemed to be coming from everywhere to show their pride. This was a really big eye opener for a predominantly red state.” (Rachel Shabad, Nashville, TN)

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