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20 Socks To Buy For The Sock Collector In Your Life

Socks are the secret weapons of the fashion industry. Whether it's matching your socks to your shirt or your hat, what socks you wear can make or break your outfit. Plus, if you've got neat socks.... it just makes you a lot cooler!

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These pug socks for the dog lover

Urban Outfitters / Via

Pugs not drugs? What a great message. But seriously, these super comfy and stylish socks will complete any outfit and let people know that you're only there for the dogs without having to say it!

$8 at Urban Outfitters

These camping socks for that lumberjack you know

Urban Outfitters / Via

Tents, trees, axes and fishes? What more could any lumberjack want? Slip these socks on your feet, throw on your boots and feel totally awesome while you chop some wood in a moody forest with a campfire popping in the background.

$8 at Urban Outfitters

These socks with squirrels on scooters.... because squirrels.... on scooters

Forever21 / Via

Everyone should have a funky pair of socks in their sock drawer. A pair of socks that someone sees and is like "Are those socks with squirrels on scooters?" and you can look them dead in the eye and say "Yes. Yes, they are."

$2.90 at Forever 21

These socks for when you want to let your feet do the talking

Modcloth / Via

Sometimes we're just too shy to say what's really on our mind. That's why these socks are perfect! Let your feet speak for you!

$11.99 at ModCloth

These socks for when Earth becomes too much and you just want to get away

Modcloth / Via

Meteors, galaxies, constellations and stars galore! Let your feet go to outer space for the day with these interstellar socks!

$12.99 at ModCloth

These socks that prove that the truth is out there

Urban Outfitters / Via

Just because the X-Files isn't on TV anymore, doesn't mean that you should hide your love for aliens. Cuff your pants and wear these socks loud and proud because the truth is totally still out there!

$8 at Urban Outfitters

These socks for the stereotypical frat bro

Vans / Via

Because we all know you like to party and drink beer, but telling us every day isn't enough. With these socks you'll let people know that you're ready to party any day.

$10 at Vans

These socks for the crazy cat lady


Owning 12 cats, with kittens on the way and more food for your cats than yourself isn't enough! You must have these socks so that everyone knows that you're only there for the cats.

$11.99 at ModCloth

These socks for your vegan friend

Urban Outfitters / Via

When you're not sure what to get your vegan friend for her birthday.... always go with something avocado related. These socks are a definite crowd pleasure for avocado addicts everywhere. But don't try and spread them on your toast...

$8 at Urban Outfitters

These socks for the person who puts hot sauce on everything

Absolute Socks / Via

Hot sauce on your sandwich. Hot sauce on your pizza. Hot sauce on your eggs. Hot sauce in your cereal. Hot sauce instead of toothpaste. You just really love hot sauce.... what's the big deal?

$9.99 at Absolute Socks

These socks for that person stuck in the 90's

Urban Outfitters / Via

Hey Arnold was without a doubt one of the best TV shows to hit Nickelodeon in the late 90's/early 2000's. We're all upset that it's not on anymore but wear these socks to pay homage to one of the latest and greatest.

$8 at Urban Outfitters

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