Watch A Massive Bridge Explode In Super-Slow Motion

Infrastructure renewal turned into art.

This is the Marble Falls bridge, located at Lake Marble Falls in Texas. It was destroyed on Sunday:

Hundreds gathered to watch it. The demolition was conducted by the Texas DOT.

Luckily, filmmaker Kirk Drummond was there with his RED camera, and recorded the explosion in 300fps slow motion:

Video available at:


The results were incredible:

(Try rubbing the gif.)

Apparently, it didn’t go *quite* as smoothly as planned:

From a local news report:

Sunday’s implosion went smoothly with the exception of knocking out phone service in the area for several hours.

TxDOT crews will spend the next several days removing debris from the lake.
Areas of Burnet, Blanco, and Llano Counties are without telephone service due to a major telephone line being damaged during the explosion.

As of 5:30 Sunday evening, cell phones and land line telephones were still out of service. Verizon estimates that some service will be restored late Sunday night.

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