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Twitter Shuts Down Fame, The Follower Lottery

It was fun while it lasted. The company says the game, which gave thousands of followers to a new winner every day, violates "the spirit of [its] TOS."

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Here's how Fame worked: Everyone who signed up for the service joined a follower pool. Every 24 hours, for 24 hours, this pool was given to a new person. The hope was to amass millions of followers — more than Gaga, was the line — so that each new winner would be actually famous for a day. Cool, right? A gimmick, but a clever one.

The first question we had for founder Adam Ludwin when he told us about Fame was: will Twitter seriously allow this? The answer was yes. For 19 days.

So! Fame is shutting down tomorrow. It has 8501 followers. It will have had 20 winners before shutting down, and inspired exactly one imitator.

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