The “Jurassic Park” Raptors Have A Little Secret

They’re HUMAN.

1. Lots of the most memorable scenes in Jurassic Park had one thing in common. Raptors:

4. The effects still hold up! Nearly 20 years later, the people who made them are explaining exactly how they did it: there was a PERSON inside.

5. I mean maybe this was obvious?

6. But come on, tell me this isn’t surprising:

8. The suit was apparently very hard to operate:

The head and arms were controlled first manually, then electronically.

9. And took a lot of practice:

10. As the suit matured, the operators started to figure it out:

11. Like, really figure it out:

12. Until they could make it look like this.

13. This is more or less what made it into some of the movie’s most iconic scenes:

According to the Stan Winston’s School’s site, the first scene filmed with the suit was one of the most memorable in the film: the kitchen.

“That was my first big scene,” said [raptor suit operator] Rosengrant, “and as I was getting ready to do it, it occurred to me that it was a big deal. I didn’t have stage fright, really, because I had rehearsed that moment over and over again. I’d practiced so much, I could have done it in my sleep.

Anyway, now you know. It’s definitely worth reading the whole blog post about the creation of the suit. There’s a nice long video, too.

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