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The 6 Most Bizarre Movies About The '90s Tech Boom

The first rule of Tech Bubble is: don't make movies about Tech Bubble. Well, unless that movie is The Social Network. Here are trailers for six of the most unintentionally hilarious movies about the dot-com era.

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The '90s tech bubble taught us a lot of things. Now we know not to take a company public before it figures out how to make money, for example. It taught us to stop using onomatopoeias for names, which is also cool. But the most under-appreciated difference between the Dot-Com boom of the '90s and the "bubble" of today is the lack of movies.

The Dot-Com boom spawned a sub-boom of movies about startups. These strange little films are a genre unto themselves: hackneyed morality tales written to cash in on public's excitement for startups, but which, due to feature films' long production schedules, came out after the bubble had popped. This was a dark time for American cinema, and one that — thank god — it doesn't look like we're going to repeat. (I mean sure, there's that dumb reality show about startups, but pretty much anybody with a personality disorder can get one of those.) Anyway, here are the worst of the worst:

Purpo$e - 2002

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Synopsis: Software developer becomes a billionaire, but still can't find a "patch" for the "bug" in his heart.

Best IMDB plot keyword: "Board Meeting"

The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest - 2002

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Synopsis: Young genius assembles motley crew of hackers, including Gary Busey's son, to build a $99 computer. Also there's a mean character who's kind of like Bill Gates. This is actually pretty much the story of the OLPC project, I think??

Best IMDB plot keyword: "Dollar Sign In Title"


Antitrust - 2001

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Synopsis: Ryan Phillipe gets a sweet job at a "hot Portland-based firm" and then gets in over his pretty little head.

Best IMDB plot keyword: "Communications equipment"

Center of the World - 2001

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Synopsis: Startup dude falls in love with prostitute.

Best IMDB plot keyword: "Pretending To Use A Banana As A Telephone" OR "Rear Entry Sex"

How to Make a Monster - 2001

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Synopsis: Hotshot game designers hired to make scary game. Game is too scary.

Best IMDB plot keyword: "Palm Pilot"

Want - 2003

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Synopsis: I don't really know??? The site says: "A tale of Dot-Com mania and sex addiction." Just watch the trailer.

Best IMDB plot keyword: "Sex Addiction"

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