How Humans Have Changed The Earth In The Last 30 Years

Google has a new site that lets you see timelapse satellite images from the early 80s to now. Here are a few things we’ve have changed on our planet’s surface.

1. Las Vegas has sprawled for miles and miles:

2. Tech companies have fueled insane expansion in cities like Shenzhen, China:

3. This lake in Iran disappeared:

Some have blamed global warming and excessive agricultural use for worsening the effects of a drought.

4. Small towns across the country, like Cary, North Carolina, have metastasized into vast suburbs:

5. Disney built a city from scratch in Florida:

It’s called “Celebration.”

6. The Three Gorges Dam changed the shape of the Yangtze River — and everything around it:

7. Dubai went crazy and started *creating new land*:

8. This glacier disappeared forever:

9. And so did this rainforest.

This tool: it does not cast humanity in the best light!

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