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How Do You Write A Gesture?

Design technologist P.J. Onori has come up with a set of icons to describe the touch gestures we use every day, called "Cue." Useful! It reminds me of the icons in those old video game cheat code books, too.

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Onori says on his site:

Cue is intended to be a foundational set of icons to build a standard visual language of touch-based interactions. Each gesture is distilled to its core action to exhibit a more figurative, iconic aesthetic.


This addresses a real problem, actually. Right now, describing touch gestures requires you to literally describe what you're doing with your fingers. It's unwieldy — like having to say "press the onscreen button by tapping your finger on the mouse" instead of "click on the button." This lets you describe how an app works in a succinct way, and also gives developers a set of tools for hinting to users how app interfaces work.

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