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How To Get Alerted The Second "Arrested Development" Shows Up On Netflix

So I guess this is a race, now?

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Netflix's Arrested Development revival is scheduled for May 26th. Maybe the episodes will show up just after midnight. Maybe they'lll show up in the morning. Maybe they'll show up at lunch. Nobody's sure!

It won't be hard to find out after it happens, and Netflix may release an expected time closer to the stream date. But AD fans Jonathan Gottfried and Michael Selvidge (the Callin' Oates guy) have made a tool that will text you the moment the show hits Netflix's servers.

The creators, both of whom work for a phone/text app company called Twilio, assured BuzzFeed that the service will only send the one message — no spam or marketing. Calling the number does something, too, but I won't spoil it for you.

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