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Attention, Creeps: Google Glass Can Take Photos With A Blink

Uneasy about people wearing Glass around you? This won't help.

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One of Google Glass' saving graces, as far as privacy is concerned, is that its most intrusive features — recording photo and video — require an obvious command. The primary way to take a photo with Glass it to actually speak to it: "OK, Glass, take a picture."

But now, a developer named Mike DiGiovanni has released a new camera app. It lets users take a photo with the blink of an eye, using a sensor in the headset that's intended to tell Glass if it's on a wearer's face or not.

Google's voice-controlled photo system only really made sense from a cautious PR perspective; a blink camera is an obvious, sci-fi 101 application for Glass. It's perhaps the most obvious application, if you think about it — and it just so happens to be a deeply creepy one.

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