A Tribute To Terrible Old Linux Wallpapers

I had at least one of these. Not saying which. A new Tumblr documents this underappreciated phenomenon.

1. For a lot of people, installing Linux is as much about finding an alternative to Windows as it is asserting some kind of identity:

2. That identity? Linux Bro. There’s the surly penguin mascot:

3. The ever-so-slightly outdated pop culture references:

4. The “hacker” ideal:

5. The anime:

6. The… whatever this is:

7. There are thousands of terrible Linux-inspired wallpapers which, like most other parts of the operating system, were made by volunteers. It’s a forgotten, and bizarre, part of nerd culture.

Check out the rest at Terrible Linux Wallpaper. Thanks to @slowdecade for finding this.

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