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Updated on Sep 28, 2020. Posted on Sep 27, 2020

Which Horror Movie Should You Watch On Netflix Based On The Night You Spend In A Haunted House?

Halloween is almost here... start getting in the spooky spirit!

Night is falling. Choose a house to spend the night in.
What will you do when you get inside?
Choose a room to spend the evening in
Choose a bed to try and sleep in
Just as you're falling asleep, you hear a noise. What do you do?
You find the old nursery. Pick something to shine your flashlight on when you walk into the room.
At this point, there's no way you're falling asleep. Pick something to suddenly see as you walk back to your bedroom.
That was scary! How will you spend the rest of your night?
Finally, the sun is coming up. You've nearly made it! However, you start to doze off and before you know it you're asleep. Pick a nighmare to have.
You jolt awake and realize it's morning. Time to leave! Will you take anything from the house?
Finally, you're leaving the house. How do you feel after last night?
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