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4 Reasons You'll Pray That You're In Queens

Religion in Queens is very diverse. There are many different reasons why religion is considered diverse. Here are the reasons...

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1. Churches, Temples, and Mosques


Churches, mosques, and temples are common structures where people in Flushing, Queens go to worship their god(s). In queens, there are many different types of churches, mosques, temples and other religious buildings that show the diversity of religion in queens. Some of the religious buildings in Flushing, Queens are Transfiguration Church, Elmhurst’s Thai Buddhist temple, and Masjid Hazrati Abu Bakr Siddique. These buildings show how diverse the religion in Flushing, Queens is.

2. Stats of Religious Diversity / Via

Diverse Congregations in Flushing, Queens Grey: Christianity, Red: Buddhism, Blue: Hinduism, Green: Judaism, Orange: Taoism, Blue: Islam

Above is an image that shows the diversity of religion of Flushing, Queens. In the key/legend, the color dots show the diverse in religion in Flushing, Queens. As shown in the image, there are many other religions (different colored dots), but the two most common religion in Flushing, Queens is Christianity, and Buddhism.

3. Flushing Remonstrance / Via

Flushing, Queens has a historic background related to religious diversity. It traces back to the Flushing Remonstrance in the year 1657. It was when people of the 13 colonies demanded the freedom of religion. Later of the year, 1657, on December 27, the first amendment was signed, which was the freedom of religion. Above is an image of the John Bowne house sign. It has a significant meaning because it is a historic home known for its role in establishing religious tolerance. It is located in Flushing, Queens, New York.

4. Religion Based Schools in Flushing, Queens / Via

The schools that are the most common in Queens that is based on religion are Roman Catholic and Jewish. However, there are many different types of religion based schools, such as Greek Orthodox and Islamic schools. According to, "82% of schools are religiously affiliated (most commonly Roman Catholic and Jewish)." All of these schools are very unique; the amount of students in them range, and some schools have as little as three students!

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