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    25 Amazing Gingerbread Houses

    Which one looks the most yummy to eat?

    1. This Vietnamese Gingerbread Resort

    2. This Gingerbread Brownstone

    3. This Modern Gingerbread House

    4. This Tower Bridge Gingerbread House

    5. This Gingerbread Trailer

    6. This Cute Little Ginger-Tree House

    7. This Ginger-Ranch

    8. This Ginger-Cabin Made of Pretzel Sticks

    9. This Blue Victorian Gingerbread House

    10. This Ginger-City

    11. This Sporty Ginger-Stadium modeled after Fenway Park

    12. This Adorable Little Gingerbread Village Crafted out of Graham Crackers

    13. This Ginger-Castle

    14. This Gingerbread House modeled after St.Basil's Cathedral

    15. This Tropical Gingerbread Tiki House

    16. This Ginger-Boat

    17. This Parisian Themed Gingerbread Eiffel Tower

    18. This New York City Themed Gingerbread Creation

    19. This Socially Relevant "Occupy North Pole" Gingerbread House

    20. These Mini-Gingerbread Houses that Perch on the edge of your Mug

    21. This Snowy Gingerbread Community

    22. This Snowy Gingerbread Chapel

    23. This Gingerbread version of Austin's Broken Spoke bar.

    24. Or this one of the Salt Lick BBQ.

    25. Both are part of this Gingerbread village in lobby of the the Four Season's Austin.