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    • justsomeguy2000

      The voting rights act isn’t arguably as important to minorities as marriage is to the LGBT community, it is more important. How do I know this? Because there were actual laws that disallowed interracial marriage and certainly you wouldn’t say miscegenation laws were a greater priority. I know it sounds like it but I’m downplaying the importance of being able to married, not just simply because of benefits conferred but because you should be able to take the vows and have your relationship recognized. However, if you don’t have a vote in a democratic system then you are not a fully citizen in that system. The vote is what makes a democracy a democracy and not being able to vote makes you silent. Do you not think the racial violence perpetuated by whites against blacks in the south isn’t related to not having a voice, in not being able to shake the largess of the State so their interests could be addressed?

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