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Things "arah" Names Know To Be True

Tarah, Sarah, Cara, Dara. You guys are the ones really running the world.

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1. Let's start by saying that your parents knew what they were doing when they named you a name that ends with "arah".

If you are trying to figure out a baby name and you're considering something that ends in "arah" or "ara", just go for it.

6. The amount of times that someone has tried to abbreviate and rhyme your name with bear is also extraordinarily irritating.

If I wanted you to call me "Care Bear", I would be furry and there would be a rainbow on my butt.

7. You always secretly wished that you had a more original name.

How can you be original when there is always another Sarah in the room to get confused with? Why must I share a name with Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarah Palin?

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