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    • Justmellg

      Like Chris, I was a failed Vegetarian / Vegan the first time around. I didn’t practice solid nutrition. All I did was stop eating meat, I didn’t start eating Kale, Organics, etc. I was anemic and weak and thought I was missing meat so went back to it. Years later I met two vegans that would forever change my life. A marathon runner and extreme sports enthusiast and a pastors wife. Once I relearned proper nutrition that didn’t include animal products of any kind, and then focused on the compassionate side of the debate it created in me the perfect storm. I got, I get it and just ask my doctor! She gets it too every time she looks at my 46 yr old blood work. Do no harm…period. Its not always going to be easy and it can mean forgoing popcorn at the movies or passing over your aunts prized pot roast and even using someone’s hand cream that has animal products in it. But perfection is never the goal, compassion and good health are.

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