National St. Hotties Day: A Tribute To Val Kilmer

Years ago after watching The Saint my friends and I decided that Val Kilmer, and hot men everywhere, deserved to the appreciation of a holiday. And that evening, National St. Hotties Day was born.

1. The movie that started it all…

It all started with this highly underappreciated movie (30% Rotten Tomatoes, seriously?) that truly showed off the many attractive sides of St. Val.

2. Even with his long locks…

As brooding poet/ artist Thomas Moore, St. Val shows us that long locks and leather pants can be sexy.

3. So much hotness… in ONE FILM… from ONE MAN!

There’s a reason why he is named St. Val… how could you NOT want a piece of that Russian mustache?!?

4. Let’s not forget St. Val in his earlier, just as hot, roles…

Real Genius still has ladies everywhere wondering whether or not hammering a six-inch spike through a board with his penis is something St. Val is able to do.

5. My vote is yes…


6. Braided hair, armor, and rain? Yep, still got it.


7. St. Val raised the bar on ice cold sexy

That’s him, Iceman. That’s the way he flies - ice cold, no mistakes.

8. It clearly doesn’t matter what St. Val wears

Someone this hot doesn’t need to abide by your fashion rules… shirts, who needs shirts?!

9. But if you’re a conformist, I assure you, St. Val has suit swagger…

Suit. Swagger.

10. And for those non-traditionalists, he wears mud well, too…

Yep, mud swagger… check!

11. St. Val wears his age (and scruff) with sexy pride

I can’t be the only one who wants to get in there and just mess with his hair and beard, right? Right? RIGHT?!?

12. Check out that smile. Swoon.

I wonder if St. Val knows that his modesty just makes him even MORE of hottie. He’s just walking down the street being all cute and hot. I wonder what he’s thinking about? Probably kittens or puppies or baby pandas or something else awesome.

13. And he loves his mother…

Even St. Val needs his mom sometimes! Respect.

14. In case you were wondering, St. Val was always on a path to hotness…

Check out that hottie in training!! I wonder if the girls in school knew he would grow up to be St. Val, Patron Saint of Hotties.

15. So Val Edward Kilmer, Patron Saint of Hotties, here’s to you!!

And in case you’re wondering, National St. Hottie’s Day is celebrated on the first Friday in December. You should start planning now…

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