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Which Sister Are You?

Ever wonder if you even are a sister? Find out now!

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  1. Where do you like to work?

    Camp Tevya and a lab lab lab labrador
    Home Goods
  2. What's the view out your window?

    The most beautiful sunset on the most beautiful ocean #blessed
    Mountains and greenery (except in winter) (at least I think)
    A sea of intellectuals amongst a gorgeous campus and library
    Dead rats
  3. What YouTube video do you like the most?

    Rabbit Man/Cookie in Action
    Mice On Wheels
  4. What's your favorite website? (Specifically Ellen) and also buzzfeed try guys
  5. Spirit animal!

    Emulsion blender
    A Volleyball
  6. Favorite Author

    Louisa May Alcott
    Mexican people
    Mary Wollstonecraft
    I'm not smart enough to read
  7. What's your favorite food?

    Acai Bowls from Stratford Court and from that place near volleyball that is really expensive
    Not cauliflower
    Rat Skulls
    Definitely Definitely Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
  8. Favorite type of furniture?

    That bed that I used to have until Katie Mulkowsky broke the slide off
    When I'm under ten layers of sheets on my bed and I look like a gnome
    That cat tree in Nicole's room
    A Chair
  9. Favorite Sunday morning activity

    Get up, run on the beach, have brunch with the girls, do dressage for a bit, come home, hang out with Melissa, and have a good snack
    Farming with Annie
    Finding the perfect pun and joke and GIF for the weekly Hillel email
    Sleeping outside in a whole
  10. How much do you love your sister or brother?

    A lot
    A little
    Not at all
    I don't have any
    What's a sibling?
    What's love?

Which Sister Are You?

You got: Nicole

Mazel tov! Pinterest jars and blueish colors, HomeGoods, UCSB sunsets, weird linguistic stuff, and brunch are your defining characteristics! You're Nicole! (But you also answer to Snickletitz).

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You got: Julia

Mazel tov! Your profile picture takes place in Israel. Your favorite TV show as a child was A Baby Story. You've wanted to become an OBGYN ever since you pretended to birth your dolls as a child. You had a lilac themed Bat Mitzvah. You are Julia! (But you also answer to Julia Bulia.)

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You got: Molly

Mazel tov! Your father's name is Smiling Sam, and you've been to Brooklyn with Michelle. You love hugs, especially hugs from Annie that she won't accept. You can find more info about yourself at You're Molly! La da di da dee, dancing with MOLLY! GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!! (But you also answer to Molly)

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You got: Bryce

The B is for 'bout dat life. The R is for ratchet. The Y is for yankin'. The C is for carpe diem seize da day yo to the lo. The E is for eewwwwww naassttyyyy discustingggggggg. Are you really 'bout dat life? If you are, you're friends with Bryce. Oooohhhhh are you gonna come to 'Deis? Who dat? Who dat? B-R-Y-C-E.

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