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Oblivious Guys Hilariously Explained What Happens At The Gynecologist

“I know it gets very cold and drafty…”

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We brought in a few guys to give us the nitty gritty details of going to the gynecologist, and their answers were priceless.

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So, getting into things, guys explained what a gynecologist does, and why women go. This dude was... close?

Many guys seemed to think gynecologists ask if your vagina hurts.

And that a pelvic exam is all sorts of uncomfortable... WHICH IS CORRECT.

But when it came to explaining a Pap smear, the dudes were all over the place, from assuming it was something you can spread, to thinking it was a physical thing you received.

But one guy knew the real struggle of being at the OB/GYN.

And this dude posed a very valuable question:

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