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One-Click Change

Are you under the misguided idea that any one of your problems can be solved with a one click mentality?

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Click. Done. Save As…

Do you think that solving one problem at a time and denying that they are connected by your philosophy, your outlook, is going to solve the problem at all?

Do you believe that one single moment of realization will change everything without you having to do the work?

Not going to happen.

Realization is the catalyst.

Change happens when you decide to do something differently than you’ve been doing. That is change. Change happens after you see things differently than the way you’ve been seeing it. An epiphany, a watershed moment. Then the work is made clear.

If you ask for patience what really happens is that you just get more opportunities to practice it. You’re eyes open to it. Stop looking for the magic pill, that requires no effort on your part.

Change doesn’t happen to you – you make the change.

If you don’t seek change from yourself, you’ll always be seeking change from others.

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