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13 Cats Who Couldn't Handle Life.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, I am in a toilet...

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13. This Cat who couldn't even airplane:

Imgur / Via

12. The Cat who failed at life:

Imgur / Via

11. The cat who tried to eat a cactus:

Holytaco / Via

10. When this cat took to the blinds:

Boomsbeat / Via

9. The cat who tried to escape:

Lolriot / Via

8. The cat who wasn't looking:

Imgur / Via

7. The cat who believed he could fly:

Imgur / Via

6. The cat who couldn't even:

ThePetCollective / Via

5. The cat who thought a wall wasn't there:

9laughs / Via

4. The cat who needed freedom:

Boomsbeat / Via

3. The cat who wanted too much to drink:

Littlefun / Via

2. The kitty who took a milk bath:

Cat-Lovers-Only / Via

1. And finally, this cat who didn't quite figure out this whole "Slide" thing:

Funnyjunk / Via

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